Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Boy what a difference 45 minutes has made. Wind is picking up and howling, rain is coming down in sheets - right now difficult to see to the end of the block. There has been enough rain that my little street is starting to fill up. I'm high and dry - we don't flood here. I am pretty sure it will be off and on like this all day.

I've cleaned the bathroom - funny how we find time to do things when we are slowed down- ha. And, have laid out fabrics to cut a churndash quilt and another "dress" quilt - I don't have a pattern for the later - just going to use the imagination.

Plan, if the lights stay on, to work on my other blog today - I've been jotting things down to be able to add at least 4 more stories to it - Maybe I can do something with it today as well.

While sitting here in front of the bay window, a small little bird just found refuge from the rain under my awning. Poor thing is shivering! Can birds shiver? Well he/she/it is shaking.

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