Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday the first of the rainfall has begun. Dark, heavy clouds greeted me this morning. The rain is intermittant - not anything heavy as of yet. The rain, for now, reminds me of a good ol' East Texas hot afternoon slow rain. There hasn't been any thunder nor lightening so far. HEB bread and canned meats shelves were baren already at 8am this morning. The young clerk who checked me out said the store may get another shipment today and his bosses had called more people in to work to help the people

I overheard an old lady, someone who appeared to me to be in her late 80s or even 90s, fretting over what her needs for this potential storm maybe versas what she had left on her food stamp card. The great-granddaughter told her not to worry, that the great-granddaughter had money for her

My fear of much rain is for the "pobres" who live in the colonias outside of the cities. Irrigation, water problems are always a problem for them even with 2" of rain. I pray they fair well.

A trip to Walmart and Dollar Tree just to check stock of batteries, flashlights, and such showed very low supplies.

My bin for a storm has been packed for sometime. Having rode out Hurricanes Rita, Dolly and Ike I'm wondering if you become a pro at being prepared. Then I think, " how can you ever be prepared of the unkown of a huuricane and what it might bring?"

Travel with me through this journey. I will try to post as often as possible to let you know what is happening.

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