Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hmmm now they say the bad boy is coming in around midnight. Okay whenever just stop being fickled and make up your mind where you are going, Alex. You definetly remind me of an ex-boyfriend - oh and I had several clients like you too - just thought you were so powerful and mighty but in the end you couldn't make up your mind where you were going and you fizzled out.

I have one limb I'm concerned with - it broke during one of the earlier wind storms this afternoon. Now it keeps banging into the 2 windows on the east side. I'm hoping it will just break off and fall down on the ground without any damages to anything. I went out on a ladder and tried to pull it down - but the wind almost blew me and the ladder down - so aborted that idea. I figure I'm on faith and prayer right now where that limb is concerned.

Raining pretty steady - nothing hard like we had earlier. Wind is about 25-30 mph right now.

Good side of all of this - is my trailer is clean! ha I'm talking major spring cleaning took place around here today! Other good side, tomorrow - barring any flooded roads and after a few pictures of the area - I'm going home!

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